Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Catholics got it right for once

Today I came upon an interesting article that might spark some controversy. Scrolling through my twitter anything dealing with the Catholic Church usually catches my attention because I enjoy laughing at the terrible things they’re doing now. 
Here’s the article in question --> 
Basically they wouldn’t let the kid have his first communion because one can “only proceed to the sacrament of First Communion when they take part in the Church’s life and understand the Church’s faith.” Clearly the boy with down syndrome, at his age, is unable to grasp the concepts. Parents get so confused with what is actually going on. They believe just because he’s hit the age he should be allowed to get his First Communion. With the reasoning the Church gave, I see no reason to argue. They even stated in the article that they are working with the child and the family to prepare him! 
Unlike the mothers belief, they are not being cruel, if you don’t understand why you are taking the sacrament, you shouldn’t take it. I especially see no problem because they claim to be helping the child prepare. Get over yourselves. 
NOTE: This may be the only time I side with the Catholic Church...Ever.

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