Saturday, January 21, 2012

2am Breakfast?!

So after going out last night my friends and I decided we wanted a late night snack. Being the nugget lover I am, I was excited to go to McDonalds for a 10-piece. Little did I know McDonalds was about to ruin my entire night
I looked at the menu board, seen only breakfast items, and quickly went into a panic. I noticed the dollar menu and a few other things were still available, including a 20-piece nugget, so I was holding out hope. The first thing out of my mouth was “so is it all breakfast or can I still get nuggets.” The guy taking my order crushed my dreams by saying that they were only serving breakfast. 
I swallowed my pride, not wanting to start arguing (never put it past me) solely because they had two security guards in the place, and got a breakfast sandwich. 
Is this happening everywhere? I googled it and didn’t find anything useful on it. This is completely rediculous! At 2am I want the regular menu, NOT breakfast! I guess Taco Bell will be getting more business.
Let me know if your McDonalds are doing this! We need to stop this!

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